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Rust Paint

Whether you’re removing rust spots on your car, truck, tractor, or even the side of your house, sometimes rust […]

Automotive Paint

If you are planning to repaint your vehicle with trendy colors, it is advisable to get detailed information about […]

Car Spray Painting Tips

Automotive Painting

A car with an excellent paint job is one of life’s true joys. It’s like being the kid with […]

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Proper Car Washing, Polishing, and Waxing From the Experts

It is amazing the number of people that don’t know how to properly clean or polish and wax their cars. Many people use products that were never intended for their car and others use products and equipment that should only be used by properly trained professionals. Some never even wax or clean their cars. Then they wonder why their car is given a very low trade in figure at the dealer, or why their paint is dull and flaking. For the purpose of this article we interviewed […]

HVLP Spray Paint Guns

HVLP stands for high-volume, low pressure. They are more efficient and cause less over spray than standard spray paint guns. If you do a lot of spray finishing, an HVLP spray paint gun can save you money over the long run because you will use less paint. You can use your shop air compressor’s powerful air output to run a spray paint gun. A trigger operated spray paint gun takes paint or finish and mixes it with high pressure air. The paint is atomized and sprayed out […]

Different Kinds of Spray Booths

There are various types of spray booths for practically any project you have in mind. And, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, custom spray booth manufacturers can make one for you. Following is a description of the different types of spray booths and a little about their uses. Spray Booths for Vehicle Painting: This is typically what many think of when they think of a spray booth. This type of spray booth is a well-ventilated, enclosed building-like structure used for spray painting a variety of […]

Your SUV – Your New Paint Job

Look sharp in cut rate auto body shop or you may lose more than you gain. A good paint job to spruce up your SUV up truck may lose you more than you gain. A good job takes time, skill and equipment. Why should you pay big dollars to have your SUV repainted when you can get the job done for much less cost? After all for appearances if you place both of these jobs side by side they may well look fine. In fact, one may […]